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Dag Reinbott
Above The Clouds

Film Score » Ballads » soft

Piano ballad, creating a dreamy and pleasant atmosphere.

Abi Linden

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » epic

Touching orchestral epic. A steady rise until a feeling of complete happiness is reached.

Abi Linden

New Age & Meditation » New Age » Mystic

Mystic and deep composition. With drums, piano and strings.

Thomas Ludwig

Electro & House » business » Corporate top seller

Floating atmosphere, steady beat, feel good ambience but with tension and expectation.

Abi Linden
Dancing Penguins

Other Styles A-Z » Slapstick » Slapstick

Funny guitar composition with tendencies to South American music, accompanied by band and percussion. (Short version also available.)

Christian Hartung
Made For You

Rock & Pop » Pop » Feelgood Pop

A groovy track with acoustic guitar, combined with electric guitar and electric piano. With a little bit of Caribbean flair, easy and summerlike.

Abi Linden
NW Indio-Friends

World Music » America » Latin America

Typical, lively indio song with flutes, bright guitars and percussion.

Abi Linden, Small Town
JJ Swing

Easy Listening » Easy Listening » american

Easy-going slow swing track with Fender Rhodes electric piano and acousitc guitars. Reminds of J.J. Cale.

Christian Hartung
American Burger

Rock & Pop » Pop » Feelgood Pop

Relaxed, atmospheric track; easy-going electric guitar with electro beat and synths, pulsating, cheerful and emotional.

Christian Hartung
Measure Your Life

Rock & Pop » Pop » Feelgood Pop

A positive track combining rock and groove. Relaxed, urban and a little melancholic. With electric guitar, xylophone and electric piano, at times dramatic bells.

Christian Hartung

Easy Listening » Lounge » soft

Relaxed, melancholic guitar track with atmospheric synthie sounds.

Abi Linden
Happy Times - Part 2

Electro & House » soft » Chillout

Spherical chillout song with electric guitars. Takes off groovy, easy and beautiful. (shortened version).

Abi Linden

Rock & Pop » Rock » Classic Rock

Sounds like AC/DC, real, handmade hard rock.

Thomas Ludwig

Electro & House » soft » Ambient

Tripping beat, electro elements, Franky goes to...

Daniel Barbosa
Unverified Secret

Rock & Pop » Heavy » Alternative Metal

Monumental rock song arranged with grand orchestra, euphoric and emotional.

Abi Linden
Sweet Home

New Age & Meditation » Meditation » Meditation

Dreamlike, meditative harmony with two Native American flutes, mystical and gentle.

Christian Hartung
Grill It

Rock & Pop » Heavy » Heavy Rock

Fast and furious rock tune with powerful guitars - half a minute of energy.

Abi Linden
Inner Circles - Trance Meditation, Part 1

New Age & Meditation » Meditation » Meditation

Enchanting music for trance meditation with harp, indian flute, warm pad sounds, mandolin and guitar / Part 1 (introduction). CDs for private use on

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As our composers and authors are no members of collecting societies, we do create a win-win situation for both: the composers and the users of our music as well.
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