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Dag Reinbott
Positive Impact

Film Score » Atmospheres » positive

A shimmering, pulsating dance with flageolet guitars and piano. Increases to powerful peaks to make a new start again. An eternal circle, moving and captivating.

Abi Linden
Dancing Penguins

Other Styles A-Z » Slapstick » Slapstick

Funny guitar composition with tendencies to South American music, accompanied by band and percussion. (Short version also available.)

Patrick Schlebes
Feel Alive

Rock & Pop » Pop » Electro Pop

Very catchy EDM track with male solo vocals. Modern chart sound, melodic and varied. Perfect for happy people, lifestyle, party and sun! (Also available without vocals.)

Patrick Schlebes
Feel Alive - Voiceover 1

Rock & Pop » Pop » Electro Pop

Very catchy EDM track. Modern chart sound, melodic and varied. Perfect for happy people, lifestyle, party and sun! Version without vocals. (More versions available.)

Thomas Ludwig
World Of Machinery

Electro & House » soft » Ambient

Travelling beat, pads, special effect loops.

Abi Linden, Small Town
JJ Swing

Easy Listening » Easy Listening » american

Easy-going slow swing track with Fender Rhodes electric piano and acousitc guitars. Reminds of J.J. Cale.

Abi Linden
Lost Piano Var 2

Electro & House » business » Corporate top seller

Funky house track with dreamy piano melody. Variation with less drums.

Abi Linden
Flow Var 1

Easy Listening » Lounge » groovy

Synth melody, wahwah & solo guitar, soft and gently, extended version.

Abi Linden
Turn On

Rock & Pop » Pop » Electro Pop

Modern dance pop song with a catchy rock guitar riff, electronic beats and soundeffects. (Sounds like Robin Schulz, Felix Jaehn.)

Abi Linden

Rock & Pop » Pop » Acoustic Pop

Funny song with wurlitzer electro piano, much singing, whistling and beatboxing.

Meurers / Linden

Rock & Pop » Pop » Pop Various

Euphoric pop rock song with male lead vocals, powerful and ambitious. (Instrumental version also available.)

Abi Linden
Happy Times

Electro & House » soft » Chillout

Spherical chillout song with electric guitars. Takes off groovy, easy and beautiful.

Nils B
Fly Away

Rock & Pop » Pop » Feelgood Pop

Easy, positive pop rock song with beautiful electric guitar melodies. (Underscore version also available.)

Dag Reinbott
Business as Usual (Talkover)

Electro & House » business » Corporate top seller

Pleasant background with a nice flow. (Talkover version)

Abi Linden

Electro & House » business » Corporate top seller

Best sound for your products! Big city atmosphere, easy electro beat and funky guitars. (More versions available.)

Abi Linden

Easy Listening » Easy Listening » jazzy

Latin band song with acoustic and electric guitar melodies, piano and solos.

Himalaya Hunt

Film Score » Action Beds » exciting

A steady, electric pulse with Asian appeal. Increasing with electric guitar and orchestra and finishing in a musical climax.

Lars Roesler
Mild Night

Rock & Pop » Pop » Pop Various

Danceable discobeat with lively 70s bass, contemporary sounding marimbas and funky keyboards.

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