Film Score / dark

Tilman Sillescu
Lost In Reverie

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » dark

Sinister, threatening track at the beginning, with strings, brass and synthies. Develops into a dramatic, melancholic piece.

Alexander Pfeffer
Quest For Power (RMX)

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » dark

Calm dub step track with roaring bass and an epic orchestra. Dark and restive. Dub step version of "The Power Of All".

Dag Reinbott
Dark Skies

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » epic

Dramatic soundtrack.The tension increases with a steady pulse till it comes to a calm and solemn finale. Full orchestra, drums and choir.

Bowing Metal

Film Score » Atmospheres » mysterious

Unsettling, minimalist sound collage, still melodious.

Alexander Pfeffer
Black Wolf

Film Score » Action Beds » exciting

An orchestral composition, increasing towards the end, with a positive and hopeful finale.

Andreas Adler
Eagle Fly

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » epic

A moving orchestral piece with a gentle melody. The composition gets darker and more dramatic in the middle part.

Johannes Brandner

Film Score » Action Beds » mystic

Epic Sci-Fi track with powerful dubstep bass and melodious piano. Dark, mysterious and energetic.

Alexander Roeder
The High And Mighty (RMX)

Film Score » Action Beds » Action

A menacing choir accompanies a restive dub step beat. The track has a minimal passage in the middle that increases to an energetic finale. Dub step version of "Invisible Mights".

Benny Oschmann

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » epic

A bright, mysterious choir on a thrilling orchestra. Reminding us of a time of change and adventure. Dub-Step remix available "Arms Of Zeus".

Benny Oschmann
March Through Hell (RMX)

Film Score » Action Beds » Action

Dramatic orchestra with a powerful dub step beat. Driving SciFi piece with a calm part in the middle and a rising finale. Dub step version of "March Through Hell".