World Music / North America

Jochen Flach
Tremendous Feel

World Music » America » North America

Melancholic, dark piece of music based on piano, acoustic guitar and strings with slide guitar fills.

Abi Linden
The Indian Call

New Age & Meditation » New Age » Mystic

Mystic music with deep overtone singing and Native American flute.

Jochen Flach
Buffalo Grill

Film Score » Action Beds » exciting

Dark cinematic orchestral track with percussion and acoustic guitar. Modern western.

Marc Rosenberger

Film Score » Ballads » soft

Very calm and light track with flute, strings and a soft played acoustic guitar.

Marc Rosenberger
Power Bull

Film Score » Atmospheres » floating

A quiet, enigmatic soundtrack revolving around a simple guitar theme. A crackling tension is created by the increase of pulsating drums.

Marc Rosenberger
Bob Ranch

Film Score » Atmospheres » positive

Emotional film score with a melodic acoustic guitar, pulsating drums and gentle strings.

Tilman Sillescu
Large And Full

Rock & Pop » Rock » Progressive Rock

The sound of the American open ranges and independence burning like fire in the sky.

Marc Rosenberger
Trees In Autumn

Rock & Pop » Pop » Pop Ballads

Calm pop track with picked guitar, touching strings and low drums.

Marc Rosenberger
Mountain Massif

Easy Listening » Easy Listening » american

Subtle, positive and easy sounding acoustic pop track with guitars and soft strings.

Jochen Flach
Monumental Plains

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » peaceful & fulfilled

Smooth and positive orchestral track. Sounds like an american western.

Marc Rosenberger
Roy Ranch

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » positive

A soft, melodic-heroic film score with acoustic guitars, orchestra and pulse giving percussion instruments.

Marc Rosenberger
Clouds Low Pass

Rock & Pop » Pop » Acoustic Pop

Smooth positive and easy sounding pop track with acoustic guitars and soft strings.