Rock & Pop / Progressive Rock

Tilman Sillescu
Large And Full

Rock & Pop » Rock » Progressive Rock

The sound of the American open ranges and independence burning like fire in the sky.

Cafe Nihiliste
Night Out

Rock & Pop » Rock » Progressive Rock

Powerful, little rock opera in the style of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Singing duet.

Cafe Nihiliste

Rock & Pop » Rock » Progressive Rock

Rhythmical rock song with male vocals.

Daniel Barbosa
Unverified Secret

Rock & Pop » Heavy » Alternative Metal

Monumental rock song arranged with grand orchestra, euphoric and emotional.

Cafe Nihiliste
Pearl Var-1

Rock & Pop » Rock » Rock Ballads

Pop rock song full of emotions and power, sung as a duet.

Circle Of Life

Rock & Pop » Rock » Psychedelic Rock

Atmospheric rock song in the style of Radiohead with male solo vocals.