How do I obtain a licence? Do I get the music instantly?

You only have to put the required music titles into the shopping cart. Choose the licence appropriate to your purpose and then choose the required payment type. As soon as your order is sent to us, you will get the online approach to the original WAV and MP3 files and telephone formats.

The audio format needed is not contained in the download contingent.

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or give us a call and inform us about the music title and the file format you need. The files will be provided within a short time!

We are an agency - how do we have to proceed in order to acquire a licence for a music title on behalf of our client?

It is possible to obtain a licence on behalf of your client and to pass on the licence fees later. When placing your order, please insert your invoicing address and the user's address, your client, who receives the relevant clearance for use of copyright music. Then you will receive the music title accompanied by two documents, which consist of the invoice for your book-keeping and the relevant clearance for use of copyright music, which you have to pass on to your client.

I did obtain licences of music titles on behalf of a client. Am I allowed to use these music titles for my own purposes?

The answer, as a matter of principle, is no :-) Unless, you use this music titles in connection with your client, for example, as a reference on your homepage or within your YouTube channel. In case you want to use the music titles for your own purposes or projects of other clients, you have to obtain new licences for these music titles again.

I cannot find the appropriate licence types for my purposes. Is it possible, however, to use your music?

Please send us an e-mail including a short description of your purposes. We will submit you an offer without engagement.

Some of the music titles do have differing licence fees.

Music titles which are extralong or of very high quality do have higher licence fees. In order to present a wide range of music titles to our customers and to pay appropriate prices to the music producers as well, we are unfortunately not in the position to provide an absolutely homogeneous price structure. The basic prices you will find under Prices & Licences.

What do you mean by: The music is free of royalties for copyright?

The music is free of royalties for copyright, if the respective composer is not a member of a copyright collecting society such as GEMA, ASCAP or BMI. The composer makes use of the respective composition independently and in direct relation to Klangarchiv. This is guaranteed by the clearance for use of copyright music. As a result you will not have to face any subsequent costs imposed by copyright collecting societies.

Do I acquire all rights of use at Klangarchiv?

Our licence fees contain copyright and all associated rights of the performing artists, producers and music publishing houses involved. When purchasing a licence, you will get the invoice and the clearance for use of copyright music, which covers covers copyright and all associated rights. This confirmation shall also be deemed as evidence for copyright against copyright collecting societies, such as GEMA, PRS, ASCAP or any other copyright collecting society worldwide.

What happens when the collecting society undertakes controls?

When purchasing music, you receive the relevant clearance for use of copyright music, which can be submitted when necessary. As a result, you get full legal certainty and do not have to pay any licence fees to copyright collecting societies when using our music.