"Nils B"

Abi Linden

Electro & House » business » Corporate top seller

Best sound for your products! Big city atmosphere, easy electro beat and funky guitars. (More versions available.)

Abi Linden
Beautiful Earth

New Age & Meditation » Relaxation » Relaxation Various

Touching ballad in 3 parts. Part 1: Melody with violin, cello and harp | Part 2 (from 1:48 min.) open and light with harp, choir and electric guitar | Part 3 (from 4:10 min.) meditative and trance-like. | From 7:20 min. on, it's more moving again. (Also a

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Film Score » Orchestra & Band » epic

Orchestral film score ballad about the impressive beauty of our world.

Dag Reinbott
Bad Machine

Film Score » Action Beds » Action

Wicked break beat track with massive, deep bass, synthesizer pad sounds and melody.

Marc Lange
A Decision Needs To Be Made

Film Score » Atmospheres » mysterious

Begins with a dreamy solo violin, continues with soft deep impulses accompanied by a string orchestra till a sparkling piano inspires the scenery.

Lars Roesler
Mild Night

Rock & Pop » Pop » Pop Various

Danceable discobeat with lively 70s bass, contemporary sounding marimbas and funky keyboards.

Abi Linden
Berlin Var 2

Film Score » Atmospheres » floating

Blurred images of a big city by night with electro and wahwah guitars but without drums. (More versions available.)


Easy Listening » Lounge » harmonic

Harmonious and open background atmosphere. In the background a shimmering beat, above a classically plucked guitar and melody fragments with electric guitar. (Variations available.)

Dag Reinbott
Bombay Night

Electro & House » soft » Ambient

From Big Ben to Mumbai. Relaxed ambient fusion track with Asian instruments.

Maximilian Bless
Urban Big Beat

Rock & Pop » Rock » Fun Rock

The fun giant, loud and furious. Big beat with distorted guitars.

Maximilian Bless

Rock & Pop » Pop » Electro Pop

Broad and pulsating synth pads with percussion and a driving beat. Overlaid by a light and beautiful piano melody. Lift off or move forwards.

Bach, Johann Sebastian, Partita Nr. 5 G-Dur, BWV 829 für Cembalo

Classical Music » Solo Works » Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685 - 1750)

Harpsichord solo

Dag Reinbott
Prision Break

Electro & House » medium » Breakbeat

Driving, fat break beat track with striking synth bass and dramatic breaks.

Tobias Braun
Ambient Score 2

Electro & House » soft » Ambient

Thoughtful and melancholic ambience. Sound surfaces, vibraphone, string ensemble and percussion. (More versions available.)

Alexander Pfeffer
Quest For Power (RMX)

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » dark

Calm dub step track with roaring bass and an epic orchestra. Dark and restive. Dub step version of "The Power Of All".

Abi Linden
Berlin Var 1

Electro & House » business » Corporate top seller

best sound for your products - big city feel, easy electro beat and funky piano, 2. part. (Variations available.)

Tobias Braun
Marche Macabre

Film Score » Action Beds » exciting

Pulsating, nested rhythm with striking strings, marimba and orchestra. Subtle developement of tension.

Abi Linden
Beautiful Earth Var. 1

Film Score » Ballads » soft

Touching ballad with violin, cello, harp, electric guitar and choirs. Shorter variation of the title "Beautiful Earth".

Dag Reinbott
Fairytale Adventure

Film Score » Orchestra & Band » magical

Melodic, charming introduction into a world full of beauty and surprise. Starting softly, the composition rises to full sound with orchestra and choir.

Tobias Braun
Floating Surfaces

Easy Listening » Lounge » harmonic

Spherical, relaxing lounge track with orchestral arrangement - piano, electric bass and ethnic xylophon groove. The center part is dramatically accentuated by drum roll, cymbals and brass.